Timeline Overall Equipment Effectiveness


Development of the first OEE software application

In 1995 a group of eager young TPM consultants struggled to measure OEE. They used Excel-tools to provide manufacturers with valuable insights in their capital-intensive plants. The experts tried to convince us that it would not be possible to write a generic solution for any machine. Well, after three years of full-time work we had it running. OEE Toolkit was a fact.


Publication of the OEE Toolkit (Including a book, forms and software )

An American publisher was interested in the software, so what happened? It had to be designed for extreme easy setup and roll out and was published worldwide as an ‘off the shelf’ tool. It was being used at many US-based companies and successfully enrolled worldwide in short time.


Publication of the second book: OEE for Operators

This book directly addressed those who are best positioned to track and improve the effectiveness of equipment. OEE for Operators defines basic concepts and then provides a systematic explanation of how OEE should be applied to maximize a piece of equipment’s productivity and recognize when its efficiency is being compromised.

Arno Koch meets Nakajima San first time

Nakajima explains the role of the last pillar in TPM and challenges him to further develop it, leading to Makigami Process Analysis.


Publication of the first OEE Industry Standard

The OEE Foundation has been established by a team of ‘heavy OEE users’ and Arno Koch, a pioneer in the development of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). They achieved a standard for defining OEE parameters which has been published in 2001.


FullFact established

OEE Toolkit was very successful worldwide. Because the application had become so popular, we needed to organize and professionalize the product. So we decided to establish FullFact, to further develop, support and distribute OEE Toolkit.


Masterclass with the OEE-inventor

Arno Koch and Nakajima-San, Tokyo 2006


Publication of the third book: OEE for the Production Team

Your machinery could actually be twice as large as you think. In addition to every machine there is often an identical ‘hidden’ machine. The trick is to reveal this hidden capacity and use it. ‘The mystery of the hidden machine’ offers you the key to unlocking this secret: Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


750 Production lines

FullFact OEE Toolkit expands and serves fifty clients now and over seven hundred fifty production lines worldwide. The Web-based Dashboard Module is successfully launched, giving an overview of what’s going on on the shop floor.  Wherever you are. De Waterfabriek is founded by the Koning Willem I College Secondary Technical School in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The Process Technology department produces bottles. The Sales Department is responsible for the sale thereof. FullFact’s OEE Toolkit Solution helps students learn to improve productivity.


FullFact launches new version

FullFact continues the improvement of its OEE Toolkit solution, by launching the next version of OEE Toolkit (version 6).


The Connected Factory

Factories become more and more connected. FullFact expands its OEE Toolkit Solution with a Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS Connect Module).


Fully embedded in production environment

FullFact introduces the OEE Toolkit Order Module. Now FullFact embeds OEE not only into your production environment but connect your ERP-system as well. This year Arno Koch has been requested to moderate the revision process of the OEE standard.


1.900 Production lines and counting…

Another milestone for FullFact. The OEE Toolkit Solution is used by hundred clients and one thousand nine hundred production lines worldwide now. Customers keep expanding the use of OEE Toolkit within their organisations.


Introduction of OEEblue (OEE Toolkit 7.0)

FullFact OEE Toolkit v7 has been launched and an immediately a huge success. This version, named OEEblue, is more powerful and a solution which is even easier to use for data collection, visualization and analysis. For any production environment.


OEE Toolkit reaches new heights

Customers expand the use of OEE Toolkit and many new customers are acquired. FullFact achieves another milestone. Four thousand production lines and hundred fifty customers worldwide, make use of OEE Toolkit to improve productivity.


FullFact Solution is stepping up

TIIN Capital announces to invest in international expansion of FullFact Solutions. Max Marinissen joins our company as a Managing Director to expand the partner eco-system drive international growth. And the OEE pioneer is back. Arno Koch rejoins FullFact as Technical Director. FullFact relocates to new offices in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands).