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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Together with our international network of prominent OEE Toolkit Solution experts and certified TPM-consultants, we bridge the gap between organizational challenges and our leading OEE software solutions to execute improvement within manufacturing organizations.


“FullFact Solutions boasts a worldwide network of experts and resellers to provide international customers with the best possible services. You will find our partners in consultancy, factory automation, systems integration and various other related industries.”

Max Marinissen

Managing Director, FullFact Solutions

We strongly believe in working together with the best in the world to get our clients the best OEE possible, Connecting people and technology also applies herE

Our valuable OEE Toolkit partners

Adum Consulting

ADUM Consulting, based in Valencia (Spain) helps companies improve their competitiveness with advice, training and guidance in the implementation of advanced management methods, based on the principles of excellence, combining innovative techniques and extensive practical experience in international companies.

Automate Partner

Automate Partner –  a Danish automation company – specializes in robot, vision, data acquisition, and productivity improvement. As a turnkey automation company, they help customers gain production and quality output by putting standard automation components together to fit customer-specific needs.

Bart Consult

Bart  Consult – located in France since 2010 – delivers company tailor-made support in the field of Manufacturing Excellence, based on TPM, LEAN Manufacturing and World Class Manufacturing, in all types of industries, located in Europe.

Princen Consultoria e Treinamento

Princen Consultoria e Treinamento Ltda is since 2002 the certified partner for Brazil regarding FullFact’s products. Princen Consultoria has broad experience in Lean Manufacturing and TPM solutions.


SCEPSA has more than 25 years of experience in the implementation of automated solutions for the improvement of processes, quality, and productivity. SCEPSA is a certified FullFact partner, so expert on OEE Solutions.

TSS Cross Media Group

At TSS, the focus is on communication. TSS has been active with a passionate team in designing, building and selling software in the field of digital visual communication for over thirty years. Their software provides solutions to customers in a wide variety of market segments. From TV broadcasters, industry-related companies to education and healthcare institutions. TSS offers a one-stop-shop formula within their field of expertise. This way TSS can provide a total solution package to their customers. These solutions range from narrowcasting/digital signage, interactive/touch, broadcasting/streaming to videowall and LED solutions.


Wojata is a consultancy firm based in Genk (BE) that helps process and production engineers in small and medium-sized companies that do not have the right tools and techniques to improve their production goals through automated production reports and on-demand process analysis.

Voluyt B.V.

Voluyt is a consultancy firm in Amsterdam (NL), specializing in Lean implementations and continuous improvement in small and medium-sized enterprises, resulting in company-wide improvement of sales, operations, and finance.

Voluyt has developed Zelfverbeteren®, an improvement program that enables team leaders and operators to implement operational improvements themselves, ensuring a successful and enjoyable continuous improvement culture.


Yokoten (Netherlands) is a network of experienced Lean and TPM specialists who, through training and coaching and by publishing practical books, help you and your organization create a culture of Continuous Learning and Improvement.


Our OEE Toolkit Software & Services

We are the pioneer in OEE solutions. We connect people and technology to improve productivity.

Discover the world of Overall Equipment Effectiveness

You cannot improve what you do not see. By using our OEE Toolkit it is revealed which machine- and process-related losses must be reduced. We have a very simple way of explaining the benefits and possibilities of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).