▶ Webinar: Using OEE Software to Improve Packaging Efficiency

Fast improvement under high-pressure conditions

Within a 6-month period, Ton Kleberg, Plant Manager at Prochamp (a leading mushroom processing company), was able to realize a significant efficiency improvement, using Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as a tool.

Improved production with OEE software

During this webinar Ton will share how insights in bottlenecks and standstills reasons resulted in not only cost reduction and savings, but also the improved usage of the total machine park, a higher production plan conformance, and a better deployment of people:

  • Machines – insight in the total effectiveness of the machine-park, solving bottlenecks and reasons for standstills
  • Planning – insight in change-over times and higher production plan conformance, aligning planning and production
  • Employability – better use of available workforce and improved deployment of people, reduction of over-time

Discover how other companies work with OEE. Learn from Ton Kleberg, Plant Manager at Prochamp, how they improved productivity. Watch the recording of the webinar here:


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About FullFact and the OEE Toolkit

FullFact supports packaging and production line teams and management with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software. This software, the OEE Toolkit, helps to continuously improve machine effectiveness and production processes.

Are you facing the following challenges, like:

  • How can I achieve and manage more growth within my company?
  • And how can I become flexible with a high mix in high volumes?
  • But still stay price competitive and keep my employees motivated?

The OEE Toolkit is designed to find, visualize and eliminate hidden losses – whether they are related to machines or processes. Making production processes run smoothly means first and foremost a reliably functioning machine park.