▷ Why you should update ShiftScheduler in time

OEE Toolkit Tip #04

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In this video we will talk about scheduling shifts in the OEE Toolkit and why it’s important to update ShiftScheduler in time.

Why you should update ShiftScheduler in time

If you don’t update ShiftScheduler in time, production registration will not start. Most schedules are maintained on a yearly basis and end around New Year. If you have no next shift scheduled, production registration will not start. That’s why it is recommended to check your shift schedule before the upcoming New Year. Create a recurring reminder for yourself so you’ll be alerted to always update ShiftScheduler in time.

Why is updating ShiftScheduler important?

With an active and maintained schedule, RemoteCollect will show ‘Next Shift’ and ‘Shift Started’ with a date and time.

  • If you don’t update ShiftScheduler, there is no ‘Next Shift’.
  • When there is no ‘Next Shift’ available, there won’t be an automatic shift change because there is no follow-up shift and no end of shift, so this shift will continue to run.
  • If you start RemoteCollect and there is no shift available, RemoteCollect will not register production and the machine is not displayed in RemoteCollect.

The solution is to update your shift schedule in time with the ShiftScheduler.

That’s it for the tip about the ShiftScheduler in RemoteCollect. We also have a video instruction how to add shifts for RemoteCollect. We hope you find this useful. Please contact us if you have more questions.


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