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OEE Toolkit Tip #08

Tips that help you get the most out of your OEE Toolkit

In this video, we’ll give tips on which OEE Toolkit Training and Workshops we provide – during implementation and for further improvement and optimization.

OEE Toolkit Training and Workshops

Which training and workshops do we provide? Let me start by clarifying the difference between a workshop and a training. All our workshops are combined with an implementation. They are for understanding the theory and the ideas behind OEE.

OEE Toolkit Workshops

We have three workshops available:

  1. OEE Awareness Workshop
    What OEE is used for? How it is calculated? What are the key factors for success? And also what OEE is certainly not.
  2. OEE Definition Workshop
    Categories of standstills and the standstills themselves. To which category does a certain standstill belong? And how are they arranged and defined for optimal use by the operators?
    Both workshops are part of the OEE Toolkit implementation process and take place at the start of the implementation.
  3. OEE Improvement Workshop
    About 2 months after the implementation, we encourage you to have an OEE Improvement Workshop; for continuous improvement managers, management, team leaders, and other people working with the OEE registration. The Improvement Workshop is for reviewing the usage of the OEE software and methods of improvement.

OEE Toolkit Training

  1. Administrator Training
    This is the most extensive one. In this training, we will cover all topics related to our software. All the software modules will be explained and the student is trained to manage the software by themself after installation. This includes installation, modification, and daily maintenance. This training takes about 4 hours.
  2. Operator Training
    This training is not as much about using the software – because the software is one of the easiest and intuitive ones in the market – as it is to motivate the operator to use it wisely. Because the operator is the key to success in using FullFact’s OEE software, getting them motivated is essential.
  3. Back Office Training
    How OEEblue – the part of the software for the back office – is used for creating overviews and reports. It is a short training because the use of the software is easy and we don’t need to explain all the reports. We clarify the structure of the reports and how to use them.

OEE Toolkit Refresh Training
And last but not least we have a special: the Refresh Training. When employees leave the company and a successor is introduced to our software, we often see that the knowledge transfer is not complete. That’s why we introduced the Refresh Training to freshen up the knowledge of the employees. You can choose the topics you would like to cover in the training and customize it to your needs.

You can find more detailed information on the OEE Toolkit Training and Workshops page. Please contact us if you have more questions about your OEE Toolkit Training and Workshops.


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