▷ Why do we recommend restarting RemoteCollect every week?

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In this video we will talk about why we recommend to do a weekly restart of RemoteCollect.

Restart RemoteCollect weekly for a steady performance

Why its recommended to perform a weekly or bi-weekly restart of RemoteCollect? When RemoteCollect has been active (on) for a long time, this may result in a high internal memory usage. When this occurs, it impacts the performance of the RemoteCollect controls, leading to slow reaction time, and eventually even impacting other running applications on the PC. That’s why we recommend restarting RemoteCollect in your weekly production line shutdown procedure.

RemoteCollect memory usage

The RemoteCollect memory usage can be monitored through the Task Manager on the computer. An indirect cause of high internal memory usage is the registration of previous Shifts and Activities,  especially when a high number of Activities, including Short Stops, have occurred. An automatic or manual Shift Change will not result in a total clearance of the used internal memory.

Total memory reset of RemoteCollect

To accomplish a total memory reset of RemoteCollect you will need to take the following simple steps:

  1. Close RemoteCollect
  2. Start RemoteCollect

This activity should be adopted in your weekly production line shutdown procedure.

We hope you find this tip on doing a weekly restart of RemoteCollect useful. Please contact us if you have more questions.


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