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In this video we’ll talk about how to renew the license for your OEE Toolkit so you can continue collecting all your OEE data.

How to renew the license or your OEE Toolkit

Do you want to continue collecting all your OEE data? Then make sure you receive your yearly license key for the OEE software in time.

Why do you need a license key?

Without a license key you can’t use the OEE Toolkit. The license key is renewed every year, and the key will be delivered after paying the maintenance invoice. The maintenance and support fee is part of the OEE Toolkit license, and the maintenance and support fee includes access to technical support from the Support Center and all software updates. After paying the yearly maintenance and support fee, you will automatically receive the new key, but there is something preceding it.

Yearly maintenance and support fee

We start by sending you a pro forma invoice. We send this well in advance before the start of the new contract year. The pro forma invoice shows the fee for the new year. Based on this pro forma invoice, we ask you for a purchase number. An approval email without a PO is also fine. And please inform us if there are new or changed contact persons. You will then receive the official invoice. As soon as we receive the payment, we send you the license key for the new contract year.


  • Pro forma invoice » deliver a PO as soon as possible
  • Invoice »  pay the invoice in time
  • License key » sent to the contacts on record

If you have you paid and you didn’t receive a license key, then please contact us as soon as possible by email or phone and we’ll help you out.

That’s it for the tip on how to renew the license or your OEE Toolkit. We hope you find this useful. Please contact us if you have more questions.


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