▷ How many Activity Layers can RemoteCollect contain?

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In this video we will talk about activity layers in RemoteCollect and why this is important to set this up for the operators.

How many Activity Layers can RemoteCollect contain?

RemoteCollect can hold 3 activity levels. All the related activities need to be setup in OEEblue. After setup in OEEblue, the activities can be selected and leveled in RemoteCollect. Activities in OEEblue are transferred within the configuration of RemoteCollect on the Activity Grouping tab.

Why are these Activity Layers important?

These levels are often put in the same order as the production line itself. And the easier it is for an operator to choose the right activities, the better the registration will be. So, leveling activities will help operators to select the right activities easily and quickly.

As an example: level 2 failures can be categorized as:

  • General
  • Process
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical

Level #2 and Level #3 can contain a maximum of 14 unique activities.

We also have a video instruction for creating activities.

We hope you find this tip about activities in RemoteCollect useful. Please contact us if you have more questions.


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