OEE Whitepaper

10 things everybody should know about OEE

Get the most important knowledge on OEE

The importance of Overall Equipment Effectiveness

More on OEE? Get the 10 elemental aspects of OEE in 1 whitepaper. Download the whitepaper here.

This OEE whitepaper includes 10 practical chapters:

1.   What is OEE?
2.   Why is OEE important?
3.   What is the role of the production team and what is management’s role?
4.   What are the Six Big Losses?
5.   How is OEE Calculated
6.   Which data should you collect?
7.   Is a higher OEE always better?
8.   What do you achieve with OEE?
9.   How to implement OEE
10. How can OEE connect people

After reading this OEE whitepaper you are equipped with:

  • Elementary knowledge on OEE
  • Tips on how you should collect your OEE data
  • Insights in what you might be able to achieve with OEE
  • Tips on how you could guide OEE implementation and change company culture


The 10 things everybody should know about Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Captured in 1 whitepaper.
Get the why, what, and how on OEE right here and download the whitepaper now.