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Improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness and get the best out of your OEE Toolkit

OEE Training and Workshops for every step

Our OEE training teaches you the right things at the right time. So you can focus on improving productivity, while we help you to provide your team with the knowledge required for the next stage. This is an overview of all our OEE Toolkit workshops and training sessions we offer during an OEE implementation project. The OEE training materials and training schedule will be set up during the preparation of the rollout – customized to your needs and wishes. These OEE courses can take place on-site or online.

Customer Quote:

“Within weeks ‘OEE’ has grown from an unknown figure to a valuable metric. OEE is something operators, staff personnel and mechanics talk about in the corridors. Measurement of OEE has brought more focus to things that really matter.”

A proven project approach

To guarantee a successful implementation of the OEE Toolkit we have a specific OEE training for every step:

  1. PLAN: Think first
  2. DO: Get it up and running
  3. CHECK: Does it do what it should?
  4. ACT: Let’s sustain it and take the next step

Step 1: PLAN

OEE Awareness Workshop

All people involved with OEE in the factory or production line.

At start of the actual implementation.


  • What is OEE, and what is it NOT
  • What are the benefits, pitfalls and consequences of implementing OEE in your company
  • Get an aligned companywide view on OEE
  • What is expected from you? What can be expected from the shopfloor teams?
  • How to make OEE your primary driver for Continuous Improvement
  • We will discuss in what way your plant can benefit most from working with OEE

Step 2: DO

OEE Definition Workshop

Shopfloor team (e.g. line manager, operator, maintenance engineer, CI facilitator, etc.).

Day one or two of the implementation.

The Definition Workshop is the basis for your OEE Toolkit implementation. Together with your shopfloor team we set up the master data for your factory in our software. That means that we will define all types of standstills, the 6 big losses, threshold times, production counters, products, speed, etc. The visual configuration will also be determined during this session.


  • 1-4 machines fully configured in software
  • Shopfloor representatives understand the why and how of the definitions
  • Line Management/CI facilitator can set-up other machines in the same manner

Step 3: CHECK

OEE Improvement Workshop

People working on a daily base with the OEE registration (CI, management, team leaders, etc.).

6–8 weeks after the implementation.

Start a review of the usage of the OEE software and methods of improvement. The content of this workshop strongly depends on the knowledge level of the people involved.

FullFact Solutions will design this tailormade workshop in close cooperation with you.

Example subjects:

  • Sanity check database
  • Visualisation
  • KPIs
  • Culture change
  • Escalation
  • 5S implementation
  • Meeting structures
  • Standardisation
  • SMED (single-minute exchange of die)
  • Kaizen, SGA


Step 4: ACT

OEE Refresh Training

Employees left the firm, new employees arrived. But did they hand over the routines well enough? Is there a lack of knowledge on the shop floor, in the back office, or even with the administrators? The refresh training fills up the gaps of knowledge and is crucial for the continuity of Continuous Improvement. The topics that can be covered during this training are listed below. Contact us and we will make a program for the refresh training together, tailor-made for you.


  • What is Availability, Performance, Quality
  • Terminology of all the losses
  • What is OEE, OOE, TEEP
  • What is its purpose
  • Not a threat but a tool to help


  • How does the master-data system work
  • How does the MAP work
  • How to configure master-data for automatic data collection (setting MAP defaults)
  • How does data-entry work
  • How to start and close a shift
  • What activities to choose from
  • What to do when…
  • What type of charts and reports are available
  • How does the query mechanism work
  • What chart/report is used for what purpose
  • Generating charts/reports for daily management or other meetings


  • How to configure user-rights and PC rights
  • How to configure sensor configuration
  • How to import product-data
  • How to configure system- and user settings
  • How to install OEE Toolkit on a client?
  • How to connect to a database?
  • How to setup all modules and fine-tune them

More info about these OEE workshops?

Request more information about these OEE workshops if you need help with the OEE optimization process.

Customized Training Sessions

Role-Based Training

●  Planning, recovery, and questions
● RemoteCollect config and fine-tuning
●  Usage of OEE Toolkit and master-data
●  Additional modules (Reportmailer, Dashboard, ShiftScheduler)

Based on the OEE training above, enhanced with dedicated modules, customized training sessions can be established for the following roles:

Management / Back Office

With one glance, management needs to have a complete overview of OEE performances. FullFact takes care of that, so you will have time to translate OEE information into concrete actions. We will train your supervisors/line management in how to use the right analyses and help you establish realistic goals.

Your company KPI’s will be translated into OEE goals. We will explain how you can use the data and analyses from OEE Toolkit to obtain your goals and how to use graphs and reports.

Operators / Team Leaders

The basic training includes OEE theory and training on-site about OEE in your factory. The Six Big losses will be explained, how to analyze in OEE data, how to avoid pitfalls, and how OEE-management can be executed best. Also the functionality of the software next to the production line is shown and explained.


Your key-users are the main users of OEE Toolkit, so they really need to know about all the ins and outs of OEE Toolkit. We will walk you through the features of OEE Toolkit and how to set-up master data. We aim at improving the understanding of OEE and the awareness of production losses.

More info about OEE training?

Contact us about OEE training:

Contact us about OEE Training and Workshops

Get more information about these OEE trainings and workshops if you need help with the OEE optimization process.

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