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Set up your first OEE measurement within 24 hours

The OEE Starterkit is FullFact’s low-entry OEE solution to get you started fast:

  • Easy to use and set up within 24 hours
  • No hassle with devices
  • Manual collection of production data
  • Comprehensive reports and analytics
  • Get your first improvement results within 24 days

The OEE Starterkit is attractively priced and includes user training to get you started instantly. Once you want to extend usage it’s easy to upgrade to FullFact’s OEE Toolkit.

You can expect the following steps in just 24 hours:

  • Site survey + definition workshop
  • Installation and user instruction
  • OEE workshop & reports

Operational within 24 hours, you will see the first OEE results instantly.

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