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OEE Toolkit Software connects people and technology to improve productivity

The OEE Toolkit from the OEE software pioneer

Our OEE Toolkit Software Suite makes it possible to analyze machine effectiveness within discrete, batch, and continuous production processes. This OEE software suite – which consists of the OEE Toolkit and four optional OEE Toolkit modules – will enable you to interpret your losses and start improving production effectiveness for continuous improvement – based on facts and figures.

Not sure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the right approach? Visit the world of OEE.

Operational within 24 hours

First results within 24 days

ROI as of 24 weeks

Our vision on Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Explore the Connected Factory

At the ❤️ of our OEE Toolkit

The heart of our OEE Toolkit is OEEblue (OEE Toolkit 7.0). The factory analyzer, the core which will provide all parties with relevant information. It also provides detailed insights into what happened during each shift and allows retrospective or real-time manual data entry.

There are five reasons why this solution is being used by so many manufacturers, plants and production lines:

  1. Intuitive to use – for shop floor and management
  2. Highly customizable to any equipment and situation
  3. Powerful – huge amounts of data turned into powerful information in real-time
  4. Simple to expand to multiple production lines and plants
  5. Implemented within 24 hours, first results within 24 days and ROI as of 24 weeks

The FullFact OEE Toolkit Solution

All with productivity improvement at it’s core

Does it work with any machine?

Becoming a Smart Factory is all about connecting. OEEblue  will connect out-of-the-box with any type of manufacturing equipment in the field.

OEEblue connects to optical sensors, serial hardware connection devices, ethernet software and hardware tools and OPC to obtain production information from your equipment.

OEEblue will make lives easier

Prioritize opportunities

OEEblue measures all production data accurately and automatically, semi-automatic or manual. It gives you real-time visualised information about any type of manufacturing equipment.

OEEblue tracks losses and reports the effect on daily productivity. Our solution helps you to prioritize the continuous stream of opportunities for improvement. OEEblue will make life easier and offers you many powerful features. We name a few and are happy to show you more.

OEEblue has a feature called Shift Scheduler, which works with predefined shifts, to be used for rapid identification of shift data. Even unmanned operations can be monitored. This will reduce causes of failure and guarantees that each shift is recorded right to the minute.
Remote Collect is the widely appreciated easy-to-use operator panel, to be used for semi- and fully automated data-entry and direct feedback at the machine.
To increase the reliability of your data, we created roles. Only the people with authorized access will be able to make changes to data. Our User Access Control allows you to freely create roles and rights within your organization, for example for administrators, key users, production supervisors and operators.
The variation and number of products change frequently and rises. To synchronise your master data at any given time, we have External Collect to import master data items using CSV format. Ideal for keeping your product range up to date.
The technology used for OEEblue enables us to exchange static and dynamic production data to virtually any third party software or database. Just ask us and probably we did it before already with one of our many customers!
With the Language Editor, you simply change and add new languages to enable ease-of-use for any user. We group machines into logical subsets, to provide machine data to the appropriate persons. Report Mailers will distribute pre-scheduled and relevant information.
Data will be analysed, visualized into information and reported by Factory Analyzer, in real time.

Do you want to become a Connected Factory?

Connect or integrate to all relevant systems

Becoming a Smart Factory is all about connecting. Our OEE Toolkit Suite can be at the heart of your landscape of other specialized software solutions. As an essential component of The Connected Factory, our OEE Toolkit Suite will help you connect or integrate with all relevant systems to get in control of productivity improvement even better. We offer three advanced OEE Toolkit Modules to connect and enable information exchange.

Integration and information exchange with any ERP

We embed OEEblue not only into your production environment but connect your ERP-system as well. Our solution increases operational effectiveness, quality, compliance and performance. For integration and information exchange with any ERP-system, we offer OEE Toolkit Order Module.

Direct integration in Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

We significantly reduce down-time by direct integration of OEEblue into your Maintenance Management System (CMMS). All functionality you need is available through our OEE Toolkit Maintenance Module.

Out-of-the-box Business Intelligence Analyses

The data collected by OEEblue can be made available to business intelligence software without compromises. We offer a ready-made basic set of analyses for QlikSense or any other Business Intelligence solution, which can be used out-of-the-box.

What data is collected?

Everything you look for

Generating maximum information from minimal data is our challenge. Whether you enter data manually, semi-automated or fully automated, it all has pro’s and con’s.

Sure, we offer the tools to make life easy whatever strategy you may choose. The real story goes deeper. Let us take you there. Read more.

When do you get feedback?

Real-time, to trigger you

Whether you are an operator, support provider, team leader or higher management: you will find real-time or aggregated useful feedback to respond to. All with the same goal: initiating effective behaviour to achieve improvement.

Feedback is provided multi-level; directly at the moment of data-entry, while running the shift, at shift end as a summary, aggregated over a day, week, month or whatever time-frame you desire and following the evolvement in many ways.

How is the information reported?

The right information, at the right time

“This powerful solution features a large variation of pragmatic, concise and clear reports that link in with our continuous improvement minded culture. Now operators and managers can pro-actively improve the effectiveness in the production process, based on actual data.”

FMCG client

Operation Manager

OEEblue turns relevant information into clear and concise reports that are automatically distributed as scheduled to selected parties.

  • It is simple to enter data and provide feedback via de operator panel to fully comprehend where production can be improved.
  • Reporting is flexible. Choose from a wide array of standard charts and reports, varying from simple graphs to comprehensive business intelligence analyses. Edit them to meet your needs or create your own.
  • To supply shift handover meetings with the right information, we provide automatically direct-to-printer shift-reports. At hand directly when you need it.
  • Reports are automatically scheduled, created and shared for any date range on any subject. From high-level OEE reports to quality output and management reports.
  • A web-based dashboard module is optional, which provides real-time information to all involved. Any line, anywhere, anytime and any device.

Real-time OEE insights

Visualised, so more meaningful

We provide all complex information in simple visualized charts. From high-level plant overviews to line views and live output/waste graphs. It is the perfect solution for aggregated or detailed monitoring of your production environment.

Charting and Reporting is flexible. Choose from a wide array of standard charts and reports, varying from simple graphs to comprehensive business intelligence analyses.

Connecting people and technology

Easier control over productivity improvement

Now you know how powerful and simple our OEEblue is! In order to make production improvement as enjoyable and accurate as possible, we are able to complement the functionality of OEEblue with four optional OEE Toolkit Modules.

OEE Order Module

To provide the operator with order information, our OEE Order Module allows to directly instruct the shop floor team not only about production-orders but also about cleaning, maintenance and other tasks.

CMMS Module

The CMMS Connector Module provides your Ultimo or other Maintenance Management System (CMMS)  with relevant informations on breakdowns occurring during the shift.

OEE Cost Module

Different losses have different cost impacts. Our OEE Cost Module calculates and translates each event on the equipment to monetary consequences. Finally you can prove the effect of applied improvements, but also the delay of continuous improvement tasks. 

Dashboard Module

Whenever and wherever real-time information is needed: the Web-based Dashboard Module gives an overview of what’s going on at the shopfloor. Any line, anywhere, anytime and any device.