OEE Toolkit 8 Entry

Toolkit 8 Entry 

Our OEE Toolkit Suite makes it possible to analyse machine effectiveness within discrete, batch and continuous production processes. OEE Toolkit 8 will enable shopfloor operators and management to interpret production losses and start continuously improving productivity – based on real-time and reliable facts and figures.


From OEE Blue to a connected factory with Toolkit 8 Entry

Integrate even better with Toolkit 8, your essential component in becoming a Smart Factory. OEE Toolkit is a tool that leverages indispensable data-driven insights feeding your Continuous Improvement activities. Put your shopfloor team in the drivers’ seat and find out how they make big discoveries every day. Let them focus on the pain points in the production line. Experience how OEE Toolkit empowers your team, transforms your factory and accelerates profitability.

Ease of use

High and quick acceptance by shopfloor operators and management

Enhanced charts & reports

Based on real-time production data

Enhanced communication

Streamline Continuous Improvement workflows

Reliable data

Provides adequate answers on trusted for better decision making



Modular, from single line to aggregated multi-site plants performance reporting

Easy integration

Smooth connectivity existing ERP, CMMS or SPC applications



Do you want to set up OEE measurement fast and easy?

As from €100 per machine per month.

The OEE Whitepaper

10 things everybody should know about OEE

Whether you are a Plant Manager or Operator, this whitepaper provides all practical OEE knowledge, you wished you had known before.

Why testing at a small scale?

Experience a pilot and build a business case

OEE Entry is perfect for when you want to try our OEE software first. Our clients will  tell you why and which steps you can take to get the ultimate result.