Overall Equipment Effectiveness Services


How to implement OEE?

Are you new to OEE? We will get you started and lead you around the pitfalls. Already experienced? We bring you to the next level. It’s all about your journey. We believe the bottom line results are the outcome of this journey. It is your company, your team, your process, your equipment.

“Typically our customers experience OEE improvements in productivity of between 10% and 50%. Immediate gains of 5 to 10% are common within the first 6 months.”

Operational within 24 hours

First results within 24 days

Average ROI of 24 weeks

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A proven project approach

It is our passion to accompany you on your road to excellence. We developed a range of workshops, courses and services to assure a successful adoption by all stakeholders.

To guarantee a successful implementation of the OEE Toolkit Suite and short ROI we have a proven project approach with specific OEE Toolkit Workshops in every stage:

  • Plan: Think first!
  • Do: Get it up and running.
  • Check: Does it do what it should do?
  • Act: Let’s sustain it and take the next step!


Never buy software before you know precisely what problems it solves!

Not sure about OEE?

We can offer you several stepping stones, varying from an initial ‘for what problem is OEE a solution’ meeting to an OEE ROI Quick Scan or an on-site Pilot – Try Out: it is all possible.

You chose for working with OEE?

Together with your team, we take care of a targeted project planning and set actions, milestones and deliverables. To help you speed up the process, we offer our project-service expertise to manage and/or carry out all OEE Toolkit Suite related or even all OEE-project related services.


Always balance the technical and the human side of the implementation. 


Stage 1 – The technical implementation

Our experts help your technical staff to introduce and implement the OEE Toolkit Suite in no-time. You will get the gauges up and running robust and fast. Fast meaning just a few hours. We believe in the Connected Factory, so we help to connect our OEE Toolkit Suite to systems like CMMS, ERP, BI etc.


Stage 2 – The human side of the implementation

As soon as the team has access to the software, our experts help you during a kickoff to define all relevant parameters in a way optimal loss visualization is guaranteed. We will prepare all relevant departments and members of your improvement team to work with OEE Toolkit Suite.


Double check everything, before you ramp-up.

Data Accuracy Check

First of all our software is configured in such a way that chances of mistakes are minimal. The operator will receive immediate feedback when mistakes have been made. As a service, we can support your teams in the first weeks to assure correct data entries.

Monthly reviews

Accurate data alone will not improve productivity. Regular focus on the losses is a start point. We can support your team leaders and operations management with monthly reviews. OEE-experts will analyse your losses and report what is seen, and provide suggestions how to proceed in order to gain optimal benefits.


Start a new PDCA circle, continuously improving your OEE!

OEE Toolkit Improvement Services

Once the OEE measure is running, everybody knows how it needs to be used and data is collected in the correct manner. It is time to introduce standardized reporting, responses and improvement activities.

A new PDCA circle can start: Continuously improving your OEE! We offer a wide range of pragmatic OEE Toolkit Improvement Services.

“Our experts have a proven track record of implementing OEE Toolkit Suite in many industry sectors.”

OEE Starterkit: Setup your first OEE measurement now!

This attractively priced OEE Starterkit contains everything you need for your first and rapid OEE-based productivity-improvement; including our OEE Toolkit, service and support. This out-of-the-box solution offers you semi-automatic data collection, no hassle with devices, many error preventing mechanisms and good analytics. It will be up and running in no-time including a training. The solution is easy expandable when you are ready for the next OEE step.