FullFact is very happy to welcome two new employees! Dirk-Jan van de Wilde (left) and Max van der Heijden (right).

Dirk-Jan de Wilde

Our new employee Dirk-Jan (DJ) de Wilde started at FullFact as Software Engineering Manager in June 2019. DJ has an extensive track record of 25 years in software development and verification of complex embedded systems ranging from consumer devices to medical brain implants and X-ray scanners. He is hired to streamline Fullfact’s software development & delivery process with the goal to provide more frequent deliveries and with higher quality. Very important work because in the end it is all about making more customers happy and how can that better be achieved with relevant, up to date, top of the line quality software.


Max van der Heijden 

On 1 February 2019, I started as an intern at FullFact Solutions. This would be my graduation internship to finalize my training as an application developer. After I obtained my diploma, I was offered a job as Junior Software Tester at FullFact.

Working at FullFact is very enjoyable because, just as with customers, there are short lines of communication. Working on a product that is used on this scale is new to me and therefore gives me a lot of motivation.
Currently I am also studying the code of OEE Toolkit. Because I have knowledge of both testing and programming, I can identify otherwise hard to find bugs.

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