Royal Fassin B.V. is a Dutch company based in ‘s-Heerenberg near the German border. The ‘royal’ signature was awarded on behalf of the Queen of the Netherlands and it represents a strong sense of long-term vision, confidence, reliability, social responsibility and engagement. Royalty will therefore always resonate in this proud and independent family business. Royal Fassin is specialized in the production of extruded fruit gum and liquorice products (like the famous Katja™ liquorice) . Modern techniques, dedicated people and the highest quality standards make that happen!

An essential tool for Continuous Improvement

The reason Royal Fassin wanted to start measuring their OEE is because they see it as an essential tool for Continuous Improvement.

We have selected the OEE Toolkit of FullFact because it is a powerful analytics tool, which constantly monitors the performance of the lines to get real time data available for everyone involved” according to Jan Tjoelker, process optimizer within Royal Fassin. “In the first couple of weeks we were already able to see the main reasons for stand stills on the line, and also which products are causing the majority of these interruptions. Furthermore, we noticed a difference in output between the several shifts and got valuable information about the mean time between repairsThis inside information provided by OEE Toolkit will help us to realise the first improvements for the shop floor on a very short notice”

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A smart strategy? The experiences of running a pilot with OEE software

A smart strategy? The experiences of running a pilot with OEE software

For an OEE pilot to succeed start from your vision and regard the OEE Toolkit Pilot as a tool to leverage Continuous Improvement processes. Build a solid foundation with a project team, with clear assigned roles and objectives to guide the project. The pilot gives a realistic view of what it could mean to implement OEE Software on a larger scale.

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