FullFact part of #theBICpicture

The first Factory of the Future on Brainport Industries Campus with a size of 100,000 m2 and since last week also the home base of FullFact, was officially opened today by his Majesty King Willem-Alexander.

The day was started with a tour with Hosts Ferdinand P.M. Gremmen and Erik Veurink.

Subsequently, a film about BIC was shown on a large stage with the latest technical gadgets in the field of audio-visual aids and there were presentations from various involved such as Deputy Erik van Merrienboer, Mayor John Jorritsma and Ferdinand Gremmen. The King received his first task for the official opening here: under the watchful eye of around 1500 guests, a memorial plaque was engraved by a robot with the signature set by the King.

Then everyone went outside where King Willem-Alexander at the foot of the entrance stairs revealed a work of art by Juul Rameau, an Eindhoven artist and designer, by placing the engraved memorial plaque. With the making of a group photo ended the visit of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander.

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