Because of the increasing demand of Polaroid Originals, a new brand from Polaroid dedicated to analog instant photography in the original format, Impossible B.V. needed a clear view of their production capabilities.

“As we expect to double our production towards 2020, we need instant insight data about the capacity of our manufacturing site. We are going to use the OEEToolkit to get this information as it is very user-friendly and will provide us with the figures we need to make well-funded management decisions ” according to Keven van der Poel, Manager Product & Process Engineering.

About Impossible B.V.
Impossible B.V. manufactures and sells instant films for Polaroid cameras in the Netherlands and internationally. It also offers color films; camera systems for the original instant format; instant cameras for beginners; camera systems for design fans and experienced photographers; and Polaroid image/spectra cameras. The company also provides albums and frames to store and display photos; lens sets and cases; unit portables carry cases for folding cameras; and other accessories. It offers its products through resellers, retail stores, and online. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Enschede, the Netherlands.

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