We proudly introduce you to 2 new employees. Or actually, a new employee and a familiar one for many of you.

To start with our new employee Louis Hopstaken (right). Louis started at FullFact as Customer Care Manager since mid-August. His job within FullFact is to improve and maintain a good relationship with our customers. Are our products used in the right way and do the results meet expectations? His first visits to our customers are now a fact and we notice that there is a very positive reaction to his expertise.

Louis, has gained many years of experience with Continuous Improvement, especially in one of the largest breweries in Europe. Both within process, filling and packaging and logistics departments. Based on his practical skills, he is able to quickly assess the situation within your company. He knows how to make losses visible and, with the help of your own operators and specialists, to permanently reduce these losses by advising you with the use of the correct improvement tools. Louis is an important link, FullFact wants its customers to get the most out of their products and continually improve the software in consultation with their customers.

If you have not yet been approached by Louis and you are interested in a visit from our Customer Care Manager at your location (as yet in the Netherlands and surroundings), please send an email to office@fullfact.com

And then the old acquaintance, Jelle Reyskens. Jelle started at FullFact in 2009 as a test engineer. Over the years he has held various positions such as support engineer, project engineer and product engineer. Curious about his own limits and the desire to explore other possibilities, Jelle decided in 2017 to leave FullFact.

Jelle says: “During my absence at FullFact I have looked at many products in different markets, for whom they are made, why people need these products, which business models are possible, which business model has been chosen and how technology and organizations make it possible. Here I have learned how nice it is to be able to work on a product that is used by people and where the value is recognized, either personally, operationally or financially. At FullFact I find satisfaction and I can’t imagine a better product that has such a great potential on the market.”

Jelle has joined us as Business Consultant on August 1st and we are happy that he is back. Jelle maintains contacts with a number of key accounts and gives them technical support. In addition, he plans product implementations at customers.

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