Investment company TIIN Capital invests in FullFact Solutions to enable further international expansion, further development of the OEE Toolkit Suite, new services and the development of innovative Connected Factory concepts.

“We experience an enormous need within national and international manufacturers to improve their productivity, resulting in great traction for our solutions and services. However, the international growth of our company and continuous product improvement required capital”, says Max Marinissen, Managing Director of FullFact Solutions. “We are very happy that TIIN Capital solves this need, and invests in the further expansion of our company, OEE Toolkit Suite and Services.”

“As an investment company, we are always open for interesting growth-opportunities”, says Maarten Derks of TIIN Capital. “Based on a strong international customer base, we are extremely excited about the international potential for OEE Solutions and Services, knowing that OEE Toolkit Suite of FullFact is well positioned to address this market.”

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is an OEE is a methodology for operators, mechanics, team leaders, shop floor- and production managers and continuous improvement managers to give focused direction and keep control over productivity-improvement. OEE Toolkit is a market leading solution which makes it exceptionally easy and transparent to detect and visualise losses and to achieve continuous improvements in manufacturing productivity.

About TIIN Capital

Since 1998 TIIN Capital invests in IT- and high tech companies that have excellent growth potential in The Netherlands and want to make a difference by using innovative technologies. TIIN Capital invests through its funds TechFund, TIIN TechFund 2, TIIN TechFund 3, TIIN Buy-out & Growth Fund and TIIN Next Phase Fund. A new investment fund that will aim at innovative growth companies will be launched early 2018 and is still open to new investors. TIIN Capital has € 60 million under management and has a network of 1.000 informal investors.

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