One of Europe’s largest coffee roasters SMIT & DORLAS uses the OEE Starterkit from FullFact to maximize their high-quality production.

SMIT & DORLAS is a coffee roasting company that distinguishes itself in the market through the constant pursuit of total perfection. The entire process from purchasing to delivery is in-house and is done with the most modern equipment and techniques. OEE Starterkit has become an important part of this process.

“Since the introduction of the OEE Starterkit we are able to identify exactly where improvements can be made. The Starterkit is used by our operators, so they are directly involved and part of the solutions we were able to execute to maximize production. Since the start our OEE numbers increased significantly, and so did production” according to Roelant Hesp, Production & Logistics Manager in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands.

SMIT & DORLAS is a unique, professional and fast-growing coffee roasting company where quality is the common thread running through the entire organization. SMIT & DORLAS supplies private label coffee to successful companies throughout Europe and offers a range of popular branded products to their out-of-home customers. Cocoa beans and tea leaves are carefully selected from the best and most ethical plantations anywhere in the world. The wide range of popular brands for coffee, tea and hot chocolate includes well-known names such as Grand Café, Templo, Campanini and Smit & Dorlas.

SMIT & DORLAS is part of UCC Europe, one of the largest coffee companies on the continent, specializing in aromatic, prize-winning coffee and related products, including beverage vending machines and (own) coffee.

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