In order to get valid information about the costs of the production lines and the reasons for stand stills at the Middelharnis plant, Royal De Kuyper needed a hands-on tool to measure production.

“Because of the low-cost entry solution OEE Starterkit of FullFact we are now able to see a more precious OEE index then before and with the instant clear reports we can take the necessary steps for continuous improvement” according to Remy de Kuyper, Plant manager at Middelharnis.

Royal De Kuyper has chosen FullFact’s OEE Starter Kit to monitor the overall effectiveness of the bottling line equipment in their Middelharnis plant. Royal De Kuyper already has good insight into what the real OEE is and what the points of improvement are. By managing this points of improvement the first profit has already been made.

About Royal de Kuyper

Royal De Kuyper is the 9th oldest family business in the Netherlands and the world’s largest producer of cocktail liqueurs. De Kuyper exports to more than 100 country, with annual sales of over 50,000,000 bottles.

The Middelharnis factory was acquired by Royal De Kuyper in 1995, and is famous for their egg based liqueur called “Warninks Advocaat” and “Chocovine” which is chocolate liquer.

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