FullFact Solutions, a leading Dutch supplier of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and productivity monitoring solutions, and TSS, a leading company with 30+ years of experience in the field of digital visual communication solutions announced their partnership.

The two companies have complementary products for the high volume Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Industrial markets.

TSS’s digital signage product suite and FullFact’s production monitoring solutions now provide production teams real-time, user-friendly and interactive information, displayed on every device (monitors, smartphones, tablets).

OEE and productivity monitoring solutions

“It is essential that production teams stay fully informed about their production lines and take immediate action if required. With the OEE analysis, continuous improvement measurements can be taken and progress is being measured. We are looking forward to jointly address the market opportunities,” says Max Marinissen, Managing Director of FullFact – a DECIDE4ACTION company.

TSS digital visual communication solutions

“Digitalization and real-time data visualization are becoming increasingly important in the food & production industry. By displaying the OEE and production data on digital signage screens, these dashboards create awareness and provide insight into the status of a production line, machine, and their performance. Operators, team leaders, and production managers are informed in real-time, which makes it easier to adjust and anticipate. The cooperation between FullFact and TSS creates a powerful solution for insights in data visualization,” says Stefan Noordermeer, Sales Manager of TSS.

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About TSS

At TSS, the focus is on communication. TSS has been active with a passionate team in designing, building and selling software in the field of digital visual communication for over thirty years. Their software provides solutions to customers in a wide variety of market segments. From TV broadcasters, industry-related companies to education and healthcare institutions. TSS offers a one-stop-shop formula within their field of expertise. This way TSS can provide a total solution package to their customers. These solutions range from narrowcasting/digital signage, interactive/touch, broadcasting/streaming to video wall and LED solutions. More about TSS on their website.

About FullFact – a DECIDE4ACTION company

FullFact is a European (Eindhoven, Netherlands) software company that provides Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software to the manufacturing industry to increase productivity and reduce losses. This OEE software helps to continuously improve machine effectiveness and productivity by finding and visualizing hidden losses. The OEE Toolkit and TOOLKIT4ACTION is used globally on over 5,000 production lines in the Food & Beverage, Industrial, Pharma, and Chemical industries. Learn more about FullFact.


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