You’re using the OEE Toolkit for some time now, but you sense that the OEE knowledge is fading. Maybe due to the change of personnel. Or you only use a limited set of functionalities and wish to widen your knowledge with an OEE training, so you can get more out of your OEE Toolkit implementation. Or maybe your company has re-embraced OEE so production losses need to be re-addressed, reduced but preferably eliminated. The time has come to refresh your OEE knowledge with a training.

Update your OEE skills with a training

So you need up-to-date OEE knowledge. FullFact offers a Refresher Training. It is a training course in which we improve people’s knowledge or skills and learn them about new developments that are related to the job that they do on any OEE level (Operator, Supervisor/Management).

Depending on the number of attendees we offer a 3-4 hour short-term course onsite or online in your own OEE environment with your own OEE data. We discuss the OEE theory, create OEE awareness and explain how the OEE Toolkit operates. A re-cap on how to get the best out of your equipment using the OEE Toolkit.

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