Because We Care About Our Customers, Continuously!

We at FullFact are lucky with our OEE Toolkit customers. The companies that use OEE Toolkit matter to us, and whether they are large or small, a one-man business or a large concern with several branches, they have one thing in common: they want to keep improving. And we? We are very proud that we can serve these wonderful companies and contribute to the continuous improvement process.


What Can We Improve?

In order to serve such a fantastic customer base, we too will have to continuously improve. We need to know from our customers what they think of us, we need to learn from them and above all we need to know what they think we can improve.


OEE Toolkit Customer Survey

At the beginning of this year, we conducted a large-scale survey among our customers for this purpose, because we want to learn from our customers themselves what we can improve. It showed that our customers are quite satisfied with FullFact. But that is no reason for us to sit back – there is always room for improvement!


Good Ideas and Points of Improvement

The survey also revealed good ideas and points for improvement. We have started working on a number of these points and some of them are on the wish list for the future. The survey also showed that not everyone is aware of all the possibilities the OEE Toolkit has to offer. We would like to share this missing knowledge with everyone. We have processed this knowledge into 8 short videos. The next 8 weeks we will publish an OEE Toolkit tips and tricks video every week.


Live Q&A Sessions with Customized Tips & Tricks

In order to motivate as many customers as possible to fill in the short survey at the beginning of this year, we offered every participant a free live Q&A with our OEE experts, and we knew it. A large number of participants made use of this offer to get a fresh look at how to get the most out of the OEE Toolkit. The Q&As that have taken place in the meantime were highly appreciated. They were also very valuable moments for us. A wonderful opportunity to experience how the OEE Toolkit is used and to find out where FullFact can improve even more.


FullFact’s Customer Care Program

We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are about learning from you as a customer, because we want to take good care of you.


OEE Toolkit Tips & Tricks

The next 8 weeks we will publish an OEE Toolkit tips and tricks video every week. If you want to be sure to receive the weekly OEE Toolkit tip or if you have a colleague who should not miss these, please subscribe to ‘the OEE Toolkit Tip of the Week’ below.




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