FullFact Solutions, a leading provider of OEE software and services, and Blom Consultancy, market leader in Japanese Manufacturing methodologies such as Monozukuri and TPM Continuous Improvement training and consultancy, today announced their partnership to offer manufacturing companies an extremely powerful continuous improvement solution.

This partnership of FullFact’s OEE Toolkit and Blom Consultancy combines state of the art software to register and visualize manufacturing equipment and methods and skills to turn those insights into sustainable improvement, resulting in more stable and profitable manufacturing results. This is the basis for a sound continuous improvement effort to many factories around the world.

“With Blom’s partnership we can now fully focus on the technology part of our products while Blom provides the skills and methodologies to our customers who use our technology in the best possible way” said Max Marinissen, Managing Director of FullFact Solutions,

“This partnership provides the support the customer needs. The combination of an expert in OEE software solutions and an expert in productivity improvement” said Steven Blom, Managing Partner at Blom Consultancy.

About FullFact
FullFact Solutions and its founders are OEE pioneers and OEE Toolkit experts since 1995 with an office in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and international partnerships. Over 150 customers worldwide with more than 4.500 production lines have implemented OEE Toolkit in a wide range of industries.

About Blom Consultancy
The core focus of Blom Consultancy is Monozukuri: developing lean to flow. Monozukuri is the “making of the product or service with focus and attention”. In this process they help you to develop your technical and social processes to achieve better results. Blom Consultancy is knowledge leader in World Class Manufacturing, TPM and Lean. For more than 25 years Blom Consultancy facilitates the best possible support and development for your organization.

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