We’re extremely excited to announce that FullFact has joined forces with DECIDE4ACTION!

DECIDE4ACTION, a leading manufacturing software company, announces its full acquisition of FullFact Solutions, the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) software company. This full acquisition follows the exclusive cooperation and the partial acquisition with DECIDE4ACTION.

This acquisition will mean the following for FullFact OEE Toolkit customers:

This acquisition will boost the value for our customer base: we will jointly build a stronger business proposition with complementary productivity solutions on state-of-the-art technology and with more software delivery options (onsite, cloud and SaaS). With the software development capacity of DECIDE4ACTION, we can accelerate the delivery of new solutions. Both companies focus on similar markets which will enable us to bundle our knowledge, further grow our (inter)national presence and enhance global accounts support.

Choosing to join DECIDE4ACTION was a decision that originates from years of relationship building and following each other’s journeys. Over the last few years, we’ve seen each other grow and develop complementary strengths. And as our relationship developed, we also built mutual respect for each other. Our visions share a common theme. Our vision to enable long-lasting business success ties together who we are as a company and what we offer as a business:

  • We believe in our team and that success is a team effort
  • We believe in our product and how it helps continuously improve productivity
  • We believe in improving the quality of working life for people in manufacturing

We see this acquisition as a great opportunity to put you, our customers, even more at the heart of what we do and to develop the product roadmap further. While this opens up an exciting new chapter for FullFact as a DECIDE4ACTION company, you can rest assured we will continue to maintain the same high level of service and support to all our customers.

As things will evolve at FullFact and DECIDE4ACTION for the better, and as we expand our position and product portfolio, we will stay true to putting people in production first, connecting people and technology to improve productivity, and to staying the #1 company in OEE software.

Max Marinissen
Managing Director of FullFact

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DECIDE4ACTION is a manufacturing software company and hardware provider with products such as PRODUCTION4ACTION, LAB4ACTION, QUALITY4ACTION, and COMPLIANCE4ACTION. The purpose of these products is to bring joy to the workplace with software that understands how humans interact. Its business process management software simplifies and automates decision-making to streamline business processes. Learn more at DECIDE4ACTION. The company’s head office is in Greenville, South Carolina, with a development office in Québec City, Canada.

About FullFact – a DECIDE4ACTION company

FullFact Solutions B.V. is a European (Eindhoven, Netherlands) software company that provides Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software to the manufacturing industry to increase productivity and reduce losses. This software, the OEE Toolkit, helps to continuously improve machine effectiveness and productivity by finding and visualizing hidden losses. The OEE Toolkit is used globally on over 5,000 production lines in the Food & Beverage, Industrial, Pharma, and Chemical industries. Learn more about FullFact.



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