Greenville, SC, Unites States and Eindhoven, Netherlands

DECIDE4ACTION™, a leading productivity software publisher, and FullFact Solutions, a leading overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) software company, announce together that they closed an exclusive cooperation agreement to sell each other’s products and work closely on future products. This cooperation will allow the entire product line of DECIDE4ACTION to be available to clients of FullFact Solutions.

Richard Bergeron, CEO of DECIDE4ACTION says: “This cooperation is strategic for both companies since PRODUCTION4ACTION represents a natural evolution for OEEblue and OEE Toolkit by providing browser-based user-interface (UI//UX) and an OPC UA server to communicate with all plant equipment.”

Max Marinissen, Managing Director of FullFact: “This partnership will boost the value for our customer base: we will jointly build a stronger business proposition with complementary productivity solutions on state-of-the-art technology and with more software delivery options (onsite, cloud and SaaS). With the software development capacity of DECIDE4ACTION, we can accelerate the delivery of new solutions. Both companies focus on similar markets which will enable us to bundle our knowledge, further grow our (inter)national presence and enhance global accounts support.”


DECIDE4ACTION: production monitoring software for decision making

Productivity software publisher DECIDE4ACTION’s products have an impressive feature list, a modern UI, and most importantly: their business process management software gets to the root of the problem: simplifying and automating decision making to streamline business processes. The production monitoring solution PRODUCTION4ACTION captures real-time data across manufacturing operations to increase productivity, improve quality and performance, and decrease downtime and changeover times.


FullFact: OEE software for productivity improvement

FullFact Solutions develops the OEEblue and OEE Toolkit software. This OEE software makes it possible to analyze machine effectiveness within discrete, batch, and continuous production processes. OEE Toolkit software was developed by a continuous improvement consultancy company in 1995. FullFact Solutions is founded in 2004 to focus on the further growth and development of the OEE Toolkit. The OEE Toolkit is intuitive, easy to set up, and easy to link with other business software.



DECIDE4ACTION is a software publisher and hardware provider with products such as PRODUCTION4ACTION, LAB4ACTION, QUALITY4ACTION, and COMPLIANCE4ACTION. The purpose of these products is to bring back the fun into the workplace with software that understands how humans interact. Learn more at DECIDE4ACTION. The company’s head office is in Greenville, South Carolina with a development office in Québec City, Canada. DECIDE4ACTION also has a minority participation in CARTESIAM.AI from Toulon, France.


About FullFact

FullFact Solutions B.V. is a European-based (Eindhoven, Netherlands) software company and provides Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software to the manufacturing industry in order to reduce production losses and increase productivity. This software, the OEE Toolkit, helps to continuously improve machine effectiveness and productivity by finding and visualizing hidden losses in production lines. OEE Toolkit is used globally on more than 5,000 production lines in the Food & Beverage, Industrial, Pharma, and Chemical industries. Learn more about FullFact.




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