FullFact Solutions and Voluyt, specialists in Lean implementations and continuous improvement, have become partners, with both companies integrating each other’s services and offering a strengthened proposition.

Continuous improvement can be even better

Continuous improvement improved – with Voluyt & FullFactFullFact’s OEE software and Voluyt’s Zelfverbeteren® prove to be very complementary. The data and bottlenecks that become visible through the OEE Toolkit are effectively and efficiently converted by Zelfverbeteren® (Self Improvement) into solutions that are implemented on the work floor.

Smart software structures, intelligent methodologies, coaching, and support secures a successful and enjoyable improvement culture.

“With this partnership, we can offer our customers a broader and total package for a company-wide implementation of continuous improvement paths with concrete results,” said Max Marinissen, Managing Director FullFact Solutions BV.

“Voluyt’s ambition is to let companies perform optimally together with good software partners. In the field of OEE software FullFact is the party to work with”, says Pascal Luyten, Managing Director Voluyt BV.

About Voluyt B.V.

Voluyt is a consulting firm based in Amsterdam (NL), specialized in lean implementations and continuous improvement in small and medium enterprises, resulting in company-wide improvement of sales, operations and finance.

Voluyt has developed Zelfverbeteren® (Self Improvement), an improvement program that enables team leaders and operators to realize operational improvements themselves, ensuring a successful and enjoyable continuous improvement culture.

Continuous improvement with Zelfverbeteren®

Zelfverbeteren® enables team leaders and senior operators to implement improvements independently – effectively and efficiently – and in a fun way. The continuous improvement method of Zelfverbeteren® lets operational professionals eliminate waste themselves and realize improvements in their own practice. Participants learn the improvement method by applying it directly on the shop floor. Zelfverbeteren® is a do-program.

The most important elements of Zelfverbeteren® are:

  1. Structure – Step-by-step development of professional and efficient improvement qualities in the participants
  2. Method – Proven, practical method (DMAGIC®) to realize result improvements
  3. Support – Optimal support is offered, online and onsite, to make participants successful

DMAGIC® Method

More about continuous improvement with Zelfverbeteren® and Voluyt?

More information can be found on the websites of Zelfverbeteren® and Voluyt. If you want to discover how Zelfverbeterent® practically combines with the OEE Toolkit, watch the webinar: Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence with the OEE Toolkit and Self Improvement.

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