June 14th, the 1st edition of the roadshow Industry 4.0 took place in the Van der Valk hotel in Eindhoven. That the interest was large was evident from the overwhelming rise. It was literally full house. The great turnout and the enthusiastic reactions to the speakers have made it a successful knowledge session for us.

“Make sure your process is well organised”

That we will not escape Industry 4.0, that is as good as clear. We should not want that either, the current technology offers too many possibilities for that. However, an implementation of Industry 4.0 is not the solution for a poor production process. Make sure you have your production process in order first, that is a requirement for a successful implementation of Industry 4.0. Another important insight that has emerged is the human factor. The Industry 4.0 technology can never replace people.

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Have you been present at the Industry 4.0 knowledge session? We highly appreciate to hearing your findings. What were your expectations and what came out of that. Every feedback is welcome.







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