OEE Whitepaper

This comprehensive whitepaper provides most important knowledge on Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

This OEE whitepaper includes 10 practical chapters:


  • What is OEE ?
  • Why is OEE important ?
  • What is the role of the production team and what is management’s role ?
  • What are the Six Big Losses ?
  • How is OEE Calculated
  • Which data should you collect ?
  • Is a higher OEE always better ?
  • What do you achieve with OEE ?
  • How to implement OEE ?
  • How can OEE connect people ?



After reading this OEE whitepaper you are equipped with :

  • Elementary knowledge on OEE
  • Tips on how you should collect your OEE data
  • Insights in what you might be able to achieve with OEE
  • Tips on how you could guide OEE implementation and change company culture



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OEE Whitepaper

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