Customer case Wienerberger

Wienerberger explains why they chose for OEE Toolkit


The OEE Toolkit transforms gut feeling, into process-based thinking

‘By using OEE Toolkit, it became much easier to detect where productivity improvement potentials were hidden,’ says Han van Aanholt, Wienerberger Plant Manager and Ruud van Tour, Technical Manager. Discovering the use of OEE in one of the biggest roof tile production facilities of the Netherlands.

Why Wienerberger chose for OEE?

Wienerberger and FullFact have been working together since 2003.

Ruud: “This production facility was built in 2000 and in May 2001 the first tile came out of the tunnel kiln! Changes were needed: the facility required process operators, rather than people putting roof tiles in the oven by hand – that of course is a bit of an exaggeration, but it describes in what situation we were back then. It was our challenge to streamline that process and it required for employees to claim ownership of their tasks. After all, a production facility – or every organization – functions properly when employees feel responsible. We started off with simple Excel spreadsheets. But then, we realized that our state of the art machines made it possible to use an OEE software solution that measured everything automatically. OEE Toolkit made – and still makes – it possible to measure results and effectiveness.”

People & OEE

“We believe that the system helps us to become better and more competitive. And we make use of the principles of man: always wanting to move forward.”

You cannot implement OEE overnight. Ruud: “It is necessary to provide good guidance to employees
when you start working with OEE.” Han: “It is crucial to communicate that OEE measures machines,
not people. One of the best things about OEE is that it provides a new means of communication for
the floor. We see a change in perception and people are more involved.”

For Ruud, the core of OEE can be explained simply: “The morning kick-off is the most important. Every morning at 8 o’clock we take 15 minutes to discuss the OEE figures from the previous day with the shift manager, an operator and the technical services manager. We discuss what was great, which issues must be solved, what can we do to improve and which machines need long-term maintenance that ask for new solutions.”

Want to know more?

We made a PDF with all the information for you to download. Wienerberger shares more in depth information about their experiences with OEE and OEE Toolkit.

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