Customer case ENCI

ENCI explains why they chose for OEE Toolkit

“€50.000 saved each year by tackling just one problem”

The team made great improvements by using OEE software

‘André Hoogervorst, head of production at two ENCI manufacturing sites is a proud user of OEE Toolkit. He and his team made great improvements by using OEE software. One of these will be outlined in this business case and has saved ENCI € 50.000 a year.

About ENCI

ENCI and FullFact have been working together since 2008.

ENCI is a company that works with the DMAIC methodology of Six Sigma to solve problems. The DMAIC
method offers a good structure for ENCI to continuously improve their manufacturing facilities. They
tackle problems by: defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling the problem. Subsequently, the production problems are researched and tackled with Small Group Activities (SGA’s).

Read full story about ENCI and OEE

We made a PDF with all the information for you to download.
ENCI shares more in depth information about their experiences with OEE and OEE Toolkit.

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