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Lack of education and training of employees within your organization is perhaps the biggest cause of the hidden losses within your organization.

With the OEE Toolkit, your employees can neatly map out the nature of the shutdowns during the time that your production installation could have actually produced. Your employees must have a good understanding of Overall Equipment Effectiveness and of the different types of standstills that provide insight into where your biggest losses are.

Train awareness about OEE

An awareness training about the concept of OEE and the types of stoppages is very suitable for this. If your employees understand why they have to register standstills and what this can mean for their own work and for the organization as a whole, they will be more inclined to make a positive contribution to this.

In addition to having insight into types of standstills, it is also important to be able to work easily with the OEE Toolkit. Being able to prepare daily reports and run loss analyzes in the form of Pareto’s and other graphs do not necessarily have to be a skill that all operators must be able to perform but is certainly a skill that team leaders must have.

OEE training as the basis for continuous improvement

The above is one of the essential building blocks to get continuous improvement off the ground. As a production organization, you will continuously strive to improve performance in terms of volume, quality, delivery reliability, and, of course, employability. Although education and training is important to increase the awareness, knowledge and skills of your employees, in practice it appears that in particular in small and medium-sized companies, the focus on education and training is insufficiently structured.

A production organization with approximately 250 FTE, which also works in shifts, often does not even have its own Training and Education department. This means that this task falls on the shoulders of a single team leader.

This is no different with regard to the knowledge about setting up, administrative management and drawing up reports and analyzes from the OEE Toolkit. The knowledge often lies with a few people, team leaders and IT administrators. Now let this also happen to be a group of officials who often switch jobs – or even worse – from one company to another.

Reveal hidden losses

We at FullFact, therefore, find it very important that everyone who comes into contact with our software knows what is expected of them:

  • For the operators who have to enter the standstills, this means that they have to make the right choices and enter good descriptions.
  • Team leaders and administrators must be able to easily adjust settings such as product codes, units, changeover times, etc. In addition, of course, they can compile reports and graphical overviews that are relevant for improving the results.

To prevent the knowledge about the use of our software from diminishing within your organization, FullFact has OEE training and workshops with which we can support you. In essence, all workshops and training courses can be tailor-made in close consultation, whereby the training need determines the content.

If you are interested or would like to have a conversation, please contact us or read more about our OEE training and workshops here »

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