OEE Toolkit converts gut feeling into process thinking: “By using OEE Toolkit, it became easier to detect where the possibilities for productivity improvement were”, says Han van Aanholt, Plant Manager, and Ruud van Tour, Technical Manager, both working at Wienerberger. Wienerberger is a market leader in the field of ceramic building and paving materials. They produce roof tiles and are active worldwide. The production process is fully automated. Since 2003 they have been working with the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software of FullFact Solutions.

Why OEE?

The production facility was built in 2000 and the first tile came out of the kiln in 2001. Changes were needed: there was a need for process operators. The challenge was to ensure that employees became the owners of their work.

The OEE Toolkit made it possible to measure results and effectiveness and ensures the involvement of the employees. Since 2019, all 17 of Winerbergers production sites in the Netherlands make use of OEE.

Morning Kick-off

Ruud: “The kick-off in the morning is the most important thing. Every morning we discuss the OEE scores of the previous day with the shift manager, an operator, and the technical services manager. We then identify what’s going well, what problems there are, what we can improve, and which machines need maintenance”.

The ‘morning kick-off’ is the most important moment of the day

People & OEE

You can’t implement OEE from one day to the next. Ruud: “It is necessary to supervise employees well. Han: “Sometimes production teams worry in advance. They have to deal with a new system. Coaching and good communication are then very important”.

More Reliable Than Human Memory

Han: “OEE Toolkit is much more reliable than human memory. People may feel that a certain machine is constantly causing problems, but if you look at the data, the problem appears to be somewhere else”.

OEE & Management

“The change brought about by the use of OEE Toolkit is that gut feeling – and experience – is transformed into process thinking. We believe that the system helps us to become better and more competitive”.

Wienerberger share their knowledge and experience with working with OEE and Daily Management during the inspiration session OEE & Daily Management.

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