Part 2

Danger 2: knowledge and design of OEE implementation is assigned to only one person in the organisation

Another danger I signal is that technical knowledge on the design and set-up of the OEE Toolkit is not decentralised in the organisation. An example: master-data configuration is only known how to get it done at one person in the organisation, sometimes the product manager or system administrator.

But what happens when this person changes companies? How is this knowledge spread throughout the company? You could create your own trap if you don’t diffuse the information when this person leaves. If you are lucky the successor has knowledge of the OEE Toolkit, but this would rather be an exception of the rule.

I would argue to diffuse knowledge on OEE Toolkit amongst multiple people, including people on the shop floor. The first operators and the middle managers ought to know how to play with information from the OEE Toolkit, so that losses could be solved in an adequate manner.

In sum, it’s important to decentralise OEE-knowledge, improvement methods and implementation design within the organisation to avoid value loss of OEE Toolkit as an improvement tool for Continuous Improvement. It’s also imperative to regard OEE Toolkit not just as a tool for the Manager but to be carried forward by the operators as well.

Refresh OEE Workshop for Operators

In case you realise that this is an issue at your company, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for advice. An easy way to solve certain issues is to host a Refresh Workshop Operators en Supervisors onsite or online.

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