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Who we are

We are pioneers and OEE Toolkit experts

We connect people and technology to improve productivity

Our mission is to improve the quality of the working life of at least 1 million people in manufacturing and to help our customers continuously improve machine effectiveness and productivity.



FullFact Solutions has always been passionate about supporting shop floor teams and production management with our OEE Toolkit – to find, visualize, and eliminate the hidden losses in their production facilities.

Improving your OEE means:

  • More products
  • Less scrap and rework
  • Less cost
  • Less waste
  • Less stress
  • Predictable and reliable productivity

“Our customers run factories and generate money by creating value. This value is created at the machine, during every successful cycle. However, value is lost too at the machine, with every lost cycle. Each lost cycle results in lost money. We are the pioneer and expert in detecting and visualising all losses.”

Max Marinissen

Managing Director, FullFact Solutions

Pioneers since

The foundation of the OEE Toolkit lies in 1995, when the first commercial OEE Toolkit software was developed. Companies all over the world benefit from our OEE software to date. We continuously develop our OEE software to meet current demands and standards.

Production lines

Our OEE Toolkit Suite is used at more than 5.000 production lines, in hundreds of medium and large sized, internationally operating production organizations in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Pharma, Tech, Construction Material, Chemicals and Textiles.

OEE Toolkit specialists

It is our vision to make it exceptionally easy and transparent to detect and visualize losses and to achieve continuous improvements in manufacturing productivity. We provide all the OEE Toolkit Services you need for a successful implementation.

We believe in people

People that work at FullFact understand the true meaning of connecting people and technology

Peter Deelen

Peter Deelen

Herman Guichelaar

Herman Guichelaar

Tjerk Hellekamp

Tjerk Hellekamp

Lizette van der Loo

Lizette van der Loo

Max Marinissen

Max Marinissen

Lucas Povel

Lucas Povel

Martien Strauven

Martien Strauven

Wim Terken

Wim Terken

John Tubbing

John Tubbing

How we work


The principal keys behind TPM, Lean, Six Sigma and others are the same 6 routines (‘Kata’). Monozukuri (‘Making Things’) is ‘The art of manufacturing’. In all we do, we follow those 6 keys – just as you will in your quest to Operational Excellence.

Following True North

Millions of people in factories, day by day, create all those goods that make our lives comfortable and easy. It is our aim to support those organizations and people to do this in an optimal way.

Visualizing losses

Stress, cost, incidents, and waste occur whenever value creation in some way is being hindered. It is our expertise to visualize those – often hidden – non-value-adding issues utterly and mercilessly.

Eliminating losses

Visualizing the losses alone is not enough. They have to be hunted and eliminated. We provide the compass to get this done.

Creating flow

In the connected factory concept, the physical value stream and the flow of information fit seamlessly.  Stable OEE enables machines to connect.

Visualize & standardize

Manufacturing is the art of reproducing. By doing what you did, you get what you got. In order to achieve the highest possible flexibility, we will use and set clear and relevant standards in a visual way embedded in the process.

Respect for people

We pay respect to people. We provide those who operate, design, build and/or maintain machines, with the means to contribute. We seek to take away all reasons that hinder shop floor teams to excel in doing an excellent job in more attractive factories.

What we achieve?

When the product mix extends, batch-sizes shrink, time to market speeds up, demands on quality, safety, delivery and cost become higher and higher, but one thing remains constant: the actual value creation is done at the machine, at each successful cycle. As a result, we achieve four groundbreaking results:

Create transparency

FullFact OEE solutions enables shop floor teams to prove with facts and figures what is really going on. Everybody will speak a common language. Instead of debating, excusing and blaming, teams enjoy working together forcefully and take countermeasures autonomously.

Get in control of progress

Shop floor teams and you are able to solve what you did not see before. OEE will set clear goals and a common language. OEE will cement teams and employees, bottom-up and top-down. OEE will prove progress. In short: everybody will get in control and be motivated even more, based on facts and figures that are discussed in the team.

Trigger improvement

In the center of this value creation, our OEE solution creates the pivot of information to trigger productivity improvement. It is a solid foundation for your Industry 4.0, that brings people, processes, machines and software together.

Care about the future

Losses create not only stress on people, but also unnecessary carbon footprint, waste of raw materials and waste of time. By hunting down these losses, we help to contribute to the environment in a positive way.

At first glance, OEE might look easy.

Is it?

OEE can maintain, create or destroy, depending on who pulls the strings. Therefore, it is essential that everybody understands how OEE helps to improve their work, how the OEE solution can be used and how the desired results can be achieved. Why? Because we believe in the concept of ‘systemic improvement’: the power of a social and technical system working together flawlessly. As complex as this is, our OEE solution makes this easy. That is probably because of our down-to-earth Dutch mentality.

Our OEE Toolkit Solution & Services

We are the pioneer in OEE solutions. We connect people and technology to improve productivity.

Discover the world of Overall Equipment Effectiveness

You cannot improve what you do not see. By using our OEE Toolkit Suite it is revealed which machine- and process-related losses must be reduced. We have a very simple way of explaining benefits and possibilities of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).